pantopic: the road ahead

Pantopic presents a couple interesting areas of opportunity. While the one-to-one aspect of the project seems to be the area of most significant focus for other projects, it ultimately depends on a global level of saturation that the technology won't achieve any time in the near future.

Matchmaking? Maybe. It's not really my thing.

Using one's Bluetooth address as a key for triggering media or services has been widely employed in Asia and seems to represent a significant area of opportunity.
By tagging stationary objects with a pantopic RSS feed, you can create a kind of community message board. This seems fun to me.

Obviously I'm putting my money on groups. I think there's a lot of potential to help ideas and connections happen between loose groups using this technology. Adding hooks to all the media people are producing (flickr, sound blogs, etc) could produce some very interesting results in combination with pantopic's network model.

That's what I'm up to this summer anyway.