Here's how the mobile software works. You can browse specific functions by clicking below:

When you start pantopic, the first screen you'll see is a settings screen. Enter the account information you used to register on this site, and select 'save' from the 'options' menu.
The main menu presents the, well, main menu.

In 'Groups,' you can see what groups of your friends are doing.

'Look for people' scans the area and returns the profiles of those in the vicinity.

'Locations' is where you can add the names and addesses of places you go.
Let's start with 'Locations.' Before you do a scan, you should always select a location. Locations are saved on the device. If you enter an address, your location will show up on the google map in the groups page.
Let's check out 'Look for people.' Imagine you're at a cafe. You select 'Look for people' and pantopic begins to scan.
After a short while, pantopic will return a list of people in the cafe whose profiles have been discovered.
Hmm, looks like that guy sitting right over there. Nice hat.
Read his blog with pantopic's built-in RSS reader. Looks like a big geek. Nice.
Read a little more. Seems like an interesting guy actually. Maybe you should go have a chat. Or not.
Now let's look at groups. When you first go into groups, you will be told to sync with your groups on the website. If you haven't joined any groups, please go into your profile on the web and join some groups in your area.

Let's say you're a member of 'ITP.' Over the course of the day, if people from ITP have been using pantopic, you'll be able to see who they're hanging out with, and where.

Maybe there are some people on the update who you don't know. Friends of friends probably. Select 'load profiles' from the options menu and you'll be able to browse the profiles of everyone found by your friends.